The Ancestral Rejuvenating Potion

Handcrafted with

Essential Oils, Extracts, Crystals & Magic...

The Origins


For millennia, the rejuvenating elixir was considered a royal privilege, where only kings and gods were worthy of such greatness. The only one who knew how to formulate the elixir was the high priest, who stated that in addition to its beauty benefits, his magical gifts were greater, turning its application into a sacred and powerful ritual. This ritual was intended to keep their bodies and souls young for eternity on the earthly and ethereal plane. At present this ancestral knowledge is limited to a small group of descendants and magical practitioners.
OILS & Extracts

Ancestral Synergy

The most powerful and natural skin formulation ever created with more than 24 oils, absolutes, and extracts synergy.


A mighty anti aging crystal that not only slows aging but also increases the production of youthful hormones such as Elastin and Collagen.
Be authentic

From The Original Source

More than the secret of youth, this synergy translates into the most unique,
subtle and sensual fragrance you can wear...

According to historians, the masters and pioneers of perfumery were the Egyptians. Their were the first to incorporate perfumes into their rituals.

Archaeologists have discovered intricate perfume bottles within the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and when Tutankhamen’s 3,300-year-old tomb was opened, there was still a trace of the strong fragrance detected.

Not only was Egypt the first leader in the creation of perfumes, they were also the first to make bottles for keeping and holding the precious scented oils. The Egyptians adopted glass-making techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Honoring the ancient pure and sacred rituals, we imported our handmade bottles from Khan el-Khalili in Cairo, Egypt. Handcrafted by a brood of artisans who began in the glassworks from the XV century.

The Test

Visible Result of Youngest Skin Appearance

* Tested on women aged 24-76 for over 8 weeks
Firmer Skin
The Ritual

Sacred Beauty Spell

The Secret Ethereal Beauty Elixir includes the magic spell used by the ancient high priests in the royal rituals.
Pyramid Power

Sacred Engineer

The Secret Ethereal Beauty Elixir Royal Edition comes inside a crystal pyramid that emulates the electromagnetic field of the Egyptian pyramids. Reproducing the same environment on a microscale and concentrates energy to further enhance the elixir.